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太陽 (Taiyo)


God (Sun)


♂ (Male)





"And, don't forget to tell your "Boss" about that, huh? I bet he's going to be really happy, haha."

The Sun in all his glory... Taiyo! One of the oldest Gods out there, he created the Sun; and protected it in their huge world, as well taking care of it. He's probably kind-looking, right? But I assure you, they were the one who started the War between the angels. Taiyō once was someone bad, but ever since he got out of where they were sealed at, with the help of a young demon girl, He never was the same. What's scariest between their old way to be or the sudden change to be someone so kind?... To be honest, it may just be better that way. Don't question him too much about it, because they may answer you with a strange and untrustworthy face you never saw before.


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