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ピアノマン (Piano man)




♂ (Male)





"You... You'd be disgusted if you knew."

One day a strange Pianist popped up in the downland... and no one even questioned it. Piano man is how we call him, because in reality, we know close to nothing about him! And it’s not like he will ever tell his real name either. Piano man tends to act in a sort of shyness in his behavior at first, but it can turn into an energetic and helpful person so fast!... Not that it bothers anyone. But, under this layer of a kind and helping man... it’s probably the most dangerous of them all. What you don't know, when you look at that gentle face of his, is the fact that he’s pretty much lying to you all the time. Has a pretty crude way to beat up his own past to move on...
No, really. Something’s not quite right with Piano man.

Some say they once saw his cane turn into a gigantic... hammer? Was it only a rumor?


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