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モーンブルメ (Mohnblume)


God (Flowers)


♂ (Male)





"Then again, I can make you leave by force. But we wouldn't like that, would we? ♪"

The Incarnation of Flowers, a scary, yet graceful figure. Mohnblume, for sure, was the type of God that ressembled more of a Devil, rather than divine. People often said things weren't going to end well for them. After all, an unreasonable God would never last long... Ruling over the beautiful land of Flowers, Mohnblume himself had to end up eventually creating himself a successor. A son of his own, today known as Oshio. But it's after its creation Mohnblume was hit with a realisation: He couldn't stay this way forever. A God was never meant to be feared in first place. The God decided to entirely create themselves a new Vessel, and to have a fresh start. This time, maybe he would act more... Godly. And the next day, Mohnblume disappeared.


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