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フィタ (Fita)


✦ シーズレット
Original species.


♂ (Male)





"Hello, this is the secretary of the Deep Sea Abyss' Police Office, how may I hel-..."

Here is... "The one and only Fita"! ...Not really. He's more than average. Once a young man whose wish was to bring justice by being a cop, he was suddenly brought to reality when grown up, that his small height and his weaknesses would get in the way. Maybe he never was hired as a policeman, but the officers here hired him as a secretary instead! Easily offended, can come off as agressive to some, but cute to the others... well, a lot of "others". He's, without even acknoweldging it, quite popular. Having his boss and the head of the Human Ressources after him, even though he's already taken, and, well... has two kids, as well. No chances for anyone to win his heart, it seems someone quite eccentric already did?... His personality ressembles the one of a Tsundere. Hover over the symbol next to his species for more information!


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