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アルコ (Alco)


Blue Fish


♂ (Male)





"It's just... There has been a lot on my mind lately. Don't worry about it, Mary."

Nonchalant, never smiling, either an angry or sad emotion portrayed on his face-- from first glances, Alco would rather look rude... mostly quiet, giving him a mysterious aura; while in reality, once you know him, he's quite a good one! This blue fish always looks like he's plotting or hiding something, or someone, and you've got to force him into things a lot, but inside, he's sweet and soft. He hates being told that, though! He's got a hard time figuring what are the good actions to take in complicated situations, and that can lead to some HEAVY drama. It's strange as of why Sakana, Mary and Kaiyo accepted him into the group, as he contrasts A LOT with the rest... Unique, probably.

"His very own type. ♡"-Rikai


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